Greens For Good: Vertical Farming with a Social Mission

Here at Elavace Estates we are a socially minded group who believe in local businesses giving back to the community and we believe in supporting campaigns for a fantastic cause. Greens For Good - Vertical farming with a social mission is a campaign to bring fresh, healthy, local greens to schools and businesses across Liverpool and create a model for cities everywhere.

What is Greens For Good?

Vertical Farm

Greens For Good have been growing their greens in the heart of Liverpool since 2014, and they have created the city's first ever vertical farm. Starting out in Farm Urban's Baltic basement, Greens Food Good is an exciting new campaign that aims to bring healthy, locally grown greens to the communities of Liverpool and beyond. Farm urban have been educating schools, business and communities on the benefits of growing food in cities, and how we can create a sustainable future for food.

The next step for Farm Urban is 'Greens For Good' with goal of getting fresh healthy greens in to every classroom in Liverpool, and being able to educate people on where their food comes from.

"Greens For Good are in need of your help! To keep this project alive at this exciting time they need your support!

Greens For Good have launched their kickstarter so get over to their page using the link below. Pledge as little as £5 to keep this project alive... We have pledged ours, so we would love it if you could do the same...This is exactly what Liverpool needs!