5 Tips to make the most of self-isolation

We all know by now how daunting self-isolation can be, but it doesn’t have to be so bad! If you’ve recently been on holiday and are self-isolating for 2-weeks prior, we have some important tips on how you can make the most of self-isolation.

Spend time with your family

With busy working lives, most of us don’t spend as much time with our families as we’d like to. Self-isolation gives us an opportunity for some real quality time with our loved ones. Allocate an hour or so every day to spend time with your family—watch a family movie, bake cakes, dust off that Monopoly set that’s been in the cupboard for years—there’s plenty to do around the house that we often take for granted. Even the activities that seem outdated and boring, such as charades or hangman, can be fun in played with the whole family. You could try a different activity every day and take turns with each family member to choose.

Make the most of your alone time

Family time is great, but sometimes too much can drive you crazy, so we need take a break. We all need to be alone every now and then so whether you’re reading a book, listening to music through earphones, watching your favourite TV show on the iPad, or simply taking a nap, alone time can be rejuvenating and is important for mental balance.

Chip in with the household chores

Do you have one specific person in your household who usually manages the chores on a daily basis? While we’re all together at home, at the same time, the house can become even more messy so it's important that we’re all doing our fair share to tidy up. This can also give you a great sense of productiveness, whilst taking some of the pressure off the person who usually does it all—they probably need it now more than ever. Take it in turns to do the cooking, cleaning and gardening. Maybe even keep a calendar on the fridge and allocate specific tasks to specific family members on specific days. After all, it could be fun to let somebody else cook the dinner for once (or not)!

Learn a new skill

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a particular subject but never had the time to actually do it, self-isolation is the perfect time to try. The internet gives us access to countless online resources for learning—from ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, to education sites such as Udemy or LinkedIn Learning. Usually, subscription sites come with a free trial period. Take advantage of this and your free time—enrol in a course and if you like it, you may wish to pursue it further with an active subscription.

Get creative

There’s loads to do around the house that you never think of. Draw or paint a picture, engage in group Zoom calls with friends and family, build that Lego model or start that 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle you’ve had for years but never got around to starting it. You could even try signing up to TikTok or YouTube and start a daily Vlog or make daft videos with the family. You’d be surprised at how much fun can be had when you get out of your comfort zone!