Are You A Frustrated Landlord?

If you're a frustrated landlord with an investment property that's getting you down, there are two questions you should ask yourself:

·      Am I fed up with my tenants?

·      Is my rental management company doing the job I'm paying them to do?

If you are currently left with a raised eyebrow or perhaps questioning every decision you have made up until today, then relax, but definitely continue reading! We are here to help.

Who are Elavace?

Elavace Estates is unique when compared to any other Estate Agent on the market. We pride ourselves on offering a unique end-to-end service to our clients which covers the three main stages for a landlord to deal with. From the point of sale, to the letting of the property, and then ongoing management.

Why consider Elavace?

The single most important reason to consider partnering with Elavace is that we aim to lead by example in what is a highly competitive market. We believe our 100% occupancy of all Elavace lettings is testament to this, in-fact, we even have a waiting list of tenants waiting to live in our properties, with increasing numbers of tenants enquiring daily.  

What services can we offer you?

First of all, we provide our clients with designated property manager who will deal with all your day to day enquiries. We want to know exactly what you are struggling with and need from us so we can offer this directly back to you.

Our proactive approach to marketing which is fundamental to Elavace and our client’s success. We will advertise your property on all major online platforms including Rightmove, Zoopla, social media, and our own website.

Within 2 hours of the agreement being signed, we aim to have your property listed online so that you can start reaching thousands of potential tenants practically right away.

In addition to our marketing team and property managers, we also have a designated team of property valuers who will visit the property first-hand and provide an accurate market appraisal. This ensures we are getting you the most out of your investment with us.

All of our services share one common theme, which is that we will never ever settle for mediocrity. Elavace will always strive to go the extra mile with their clients every step of the way. Whether that be if you are looking to purchase a property, or the lettings aspect of our service or block management.